The Perfect Tailgating all Kit for Your Car

That’s why the experts at My Auto Store have decided to do something new about it.

Accelerate work and drive productivity

ncrease productivity and efficiency with document capture workflow automation. Enrich information quality, increase accuracy and reduce error-prone manual tasks.

Accelerate work and drive productivity

Products are stored in bins that are stacked vertically, one on top of another. Small energy-efficient robots ride on rails above the stacks and work in teams to pull bins needed for orders, which may include shuffling the bins above a required product to other positions.

Representatives from the user community gathered for the two-day event at the Medline headquarters building in Northfield. Medline is a leading supplier of healthcare products and is one of the more prolific users of AutoStore in its distribution operations nationwide. Users came from a variety of industries, including electronics, apparel, auto parts, medical, and footwear. They shared their successes, lessons learned, and future ideas for further use of the AutoStore technology.

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